Inter-County Western Association of New York Bylaws & Rules

(Revised, Adopted - November 2019)

  1. Name and Composition:
    This organization shall be known as the "Inter-County Association of Western New York", and shall consist of the counties of Allegany, Cattaraugus, Cayuga, Chautauqua, Chemung, Erie, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Niagara, Ontario, Orleans, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Tompkins, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates.
  2. Purpose:
    This Association exists to serve its members by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information relative to local government, by considering problems of mutual interest, and by supporting those policies and programs of common interest to the members.
  3. Representation and Dues (Revised November 2019):
    Each member county shall be entitled to equal representation. Each county shall designate in January of each year, three voting members and their alternates who shall either be members of the legislative body or county officers. The names and addresses of each voting member shall be forwarded to the Secretary as soon after appointment as possible. The annual dues of this Association shall be fifty dollars ($50) per county, to be remitted to the Treasurer on or before the submission of the list of voting members. Member counties not in good standing will be prohibited from submitting resolutions and voting until all outstanding dues are paid.
  4. Officers - Elections, Terms:
    This Association shall elect a President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President at the annual meeting to serve until the next annual meeting. The President cannot succeed him/herself more than once. A Secretary and a Treasurer shall be appointed by the President for a term commensurate with his or her own, but said individuals are not officers of the Association unless a member thereof.
  5. Duties of the President (Revised June 21, 2013):
    The President shall be responsible for the administration of the association and the care of its property. In addition to the other duties prescribed herein, the President shall organize, or cause to be organized, all meetings of the Association, including designation of host county, location, agenda, program, and notification. The President may delegate administrative duties to the Secretary and/or Treasurer and to appoint all special committees as required by the voting members. The President will appoint a committee of three members to both the Nomination and Resolutions Committee in January or before the first meeting of the year, with no more than one voting member from a county on each committee.
  6. Resolution Procedure:
    1. Procedure
      1. Member counties shall submit draft copies of all proposed resolutions of general interest to the Secretary to be received at that office at least fifteen days prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Association.
      2. Proposed resolutions should be of interest to and have impact on more than one county. These resolutions will be shared with the membership for possible adoption by individual counties.
      3. The Secretary will, as soon as practicable, forward copies of proposed resolutions to each member of the resolution committee. On receipt of proposals, Resolution Committee members will interact by phone or other means and discuss the merits of the proposed resolutions. If necessary, they will attempt to clarify the intent and reasoning of the initiating county by direct contact with that county.
    2. The committee will meet immediately prior to monthly meetings and finalize its position on proposals and will make oral recommendations to the membership at the monthly meeting.
      1. Initiating counties must be in attendance for the proposed resolution to be considered and they should be prepared to explain and defend their proposed resolutions when brought to the floor.
      2. Any resolution may be introduced on the floor of scheduled meetings with the consent of two-thirds of the members present.
      3. No resolution may be brought back once voted down for a period of one year without approval of two-thirds of the voting members.
      4. The voting count on each resolution will be recorded by Ayes and Nayes.
      5. Priorities for Inter County Resolutions shall be determined by recommendation to Resolution Committee members. Member counties will prioritize these recommended resolutions and vote on their adoption.
  7. Meetings:
    1. Regular meetings of the Association will be held monthly except during the months of January, July, and December, at a time and date as the Association decides by majority vote of the organization at the Annual meeting in November. Meeting dates may be changed by the President for valid reason. Call to order will be at 10 am.
    2. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President or by at least 50% of the voting members.
    3. Annual meetings shall be held not later than the last day of November each year.
    4. Meetings shall be held in various locations, and host counties will select locations and programs.
    5. Five counties represented by voting members at a meeting shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.
    6. The President shall preside at all meetings. In the absence of the President, the 1st or the 2nd Vice President, in that order, shall preside. In the event of the absence of all three, the members present shall elect an acting President to preside.
    7. Roberts' Rules of Order shall be used in the conduct of the meetings. The right to have the floor may be questioned by any member. In such event, the President shall get an expression from the members present and a majority vote shall be final.
    8. Order of Business:
      1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
      2. Roll Call of Counties
      3. Welcome from Host County
      4. Approval of Minutes
      5. Approval of Treasurer's Report
      6. Communications/Correspondence on File
      7. Comments by Members and Guests
      8. Special Orders, Unfinished and Old Business
      9. New Business
        1. Resolutions
        2. Program
        3. Adjournment
    9. Each voting member and guest shall be assessed a fee of $20 per meeting to help defray program costs, luncheon, room reservation, and related expenses. Said fee is due and payable to the Treasurer on each meeting day.
  8. Amendment of Bylaws:
    Any amendment to these bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote at the first meeting after its introduction.