What can I expect at an early voting site?

Voting at any early voting site will be just like voting at your regular poll site. The early voting site will have electronic poll books instead of paper signature poll books. Once you sign in, you will be given a ballot for your town and district, you will vote your ballot, and scan the ballot into the voting machine to be counted.

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1. What is early voting?
2. What can I expect at an early voting site?
3. Do I need to be a registered voter, or can I register at any early voting poll site?
4. Can I go to any of the Early Voting Sites in my county to vote?
5. Is the ballot the same during early voting as it is on Election Day?
6. When will my vote be counted if I vote early?
7. Can I change my vote if I vote early?
8. What if my name is not in the electronic poll book?
9. What if I moved from another county in NYS and I haven’t registered yet in my new county?
10. If you wish to go to vote on Election Day, you will go to your regularly assigned poll site to vote.