Why should I get vaccinated?

The vaccines are important to help stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19 and from getting seriously ill from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you, your family and friends, and our community, and is an important tool to help get us back to normal. For more information on COVID vaccines visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

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1. Do I have to pay for the vaccine?
2. Why should I get vaccinated?
3. How soon after getting vaccinated am I protected from COVID-19?
4. Can you tell more about the vaccines currently available in the United States?
5. Will I still need to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 after being vaccinated?
6. What should I expect after I get vaccinated?
7. Where can I learn more about COVID-19 vaccination?