Project CARE Information

Welcome Project CARE volunteers!

This site will have the information you need to complete your assignments with Project CARE.

To access our secure, online list of available jobs, please visit the Project Care Secure Scheduler Portal

This site is where you can select a job, view your upcoming assignments, or send us a message. If you are having trouble logging in to the system, please call us at 607-664-2298, so we can assist you.

Member Contact Phone Number

Please call 607-622-7040 when making contact with our Project CARE members. This number will mask your personal information, making your volunteer experience safe and secure.

After you dial 607-622-7040, you will be prompted to enter your ID number. If you need assistance finding your ID number, let us know so we can help you.

The members you are assigned will be listed in numerical order. Example:

  • Press 1 for "Jane Doe"
  • Press 2 for "John Smith," etc.

Press the number corresponding with the member you wish to contact. We encourage you to use this method of getting in touch with members at all times - Never give out your personal information to a member.

We also recommend contacting the members after you accept an assignment, the day before your scheduled visit, and just before you leave your home. Doing this will help ensure that our member does not forget you are coming. If the member informs you that they have changed plans, please call Project CARE and let us know.

In the near future, this site will also be where you can find important information to help you complete your assignments, like job forms, volunteer handbooks, and other tools. The Project CARE Member Handbook is currently attached – this is the handbook that is given to all of our new clients.

Stay tuned for more information!