Reporting Your Hours

For a large majority of our volunteer assignments, your AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteer service hours are reported by a representative of the agency you are working with. However, there may be a few assignments where reporting your hours to AmeriCorps Seniors will be up to you. If you are assigned to a volunteer position where this is the case, AmeriCorps Seniors and the agency you are working with will make sure that you are aware of this, and will train you on reporting your own hours.

As with our partnered agencies, AmeriCorps Seniors does not want this responsibility to become a time-consuming duty. AmeriCorps Seniors will work with you to help you report your hours in a manner that is easiest for you.  Please note that volunteer-reported service hours must be verified by the agency you’re working with before they are approved. If you are waiting for a mileage or expense reimbursement, your claim could be delayed until after your hours are verified and approved.

Please contact the AmeriCorps Seniors office for more information on how your service hours are reported, or for training on how to report your own hours.

If you have already been trained on reporting your own hours, you may do so by accessing the Web Assistant website.