Benefits of Joining AmeriCorps Seniors

Most AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers agree that the most important benefits of volunteering are the personal ones. Studies show that people who volunteer have healthier, longer lives. Other benefits include working for social change, building teamwork skills, developing leadership abilities, interacting with and learning from people of other generations and cultures, and demonstrating love or appreciation for others.  The most important personal benefit is the self-satisfaction you gain from helping others. 

Other benefits from joining AmeriCorps Seniors include:

  • Supplemental Insurance Benefits - AmeriCorps Seniors carries three categories of insurance to protect its volunteers traveling to and from their volunteer stations and while volunteering. More information on insurance is provided in the volunteer handbook and at a volunteer orientation conducted for new members.
  • Mileage/Expense Reimbursement - Volunteers can receive limited mileage reimbursement to and from your assignment and to approved activities. Reimbursement is also available for approved out-of-pocket expenses related to your assignment, like trainings, supplies, and meals.
  • eNewsletter - As an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer, you are automatically on the mailing list for “Second Season,” the Office for the Aging’s newsletter. You will also receive monthly updates in our AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteer eNewsletter. 
  • Recognition - We love to tell the story of what our AmeriCorps Volunteers are doing in their communities! As we hear of your activities, we’ll share them in newsletters and on our Facebook page. We also hold an annual recognition event for the previous years’ service.
  • Health Benefits - studies have proven that volunteering is not only good for your community and the neighbors you serve, but it’s also good for you! Volunteering as little as 1 hour a week will improve overall health, decrease loneliness, and provide a sense of purpose. Just check out this article.