For Partner Agencies

AmeriCorps Seniors partners with over 60 different agencies serving Steuben County by recruiting volunteers to support services. AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteers are older individuals with unique life experience, providing enthusiasm and dedication to your agency’s mission. AmeriCorps Seniors staff will interview each new volunteer to personally match them with an opportunity that fits their personality, skills and interests. In this way, we can increase the likelihood of a good fit for both the volunteer and the agency. 

Working closely with your agency, AmeriCorps Seniors staff will help you outline your volunteer need, write a description for the assignment, advertise for recruits and match qualified individuals to your assignment. 

If you would like information on becoming a partner with AmeriCorps Seniors, or if you are a current partner and have questions concerning your current or new volunteer opportunities, contact Christine Towner, AmeriCorps Seniors Project Coordinator.

Please visit the pages to the left to explore useful information and forms which may assist you in managing your AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteers.

  1. Christine Towner

    AmeriCorps Seniors Project Coordinator