Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is a program designed to assist Deputy Sheriffs in locating citizens enrolled in the program that have left the immediate care of their caregivers due to any cognitive condition that causes them to become lost or missing persons.

The program involves fitting the at-risk person with a transmitter that they wear similar to a watch on their wrist or ankle. The specially trained Deputy Sheriffs will record all required information about that person, fit them with the transmitter, and every (60) day meet with that person again to change the battery and receive any follow-up information.

If the at-risk person does become lost or missing, the caregiver will immediately call 911 and report that the missing person is a participant in the Project Lifesaver Program. 911 will send the closest Deputy Sheriff to the last known location of the missing person. The Deputy Sheriff will activate the Project Lifesaver Team who will arrive and utilize the specialized tracking equipment to attempt to locate the missing person.

The fee for this program is an initial equipment fee of $350 with a battery replacement fee of $10 every (60) days. If you care for an at-risk person with a cognitive condition or know of someone that does, please contact Corporal Rich Lock at 607-664-2457 or email Corporal Rich Lock for more information on Project Lifesaver.

View the Project Lifesaver Brochure (PDF)

Deputy Ramirez Deputy Payne and Corporal Sorge received information from Sergeant Shutt for a traini

Pictured Left to Right: Deputy Ramirez, Deputy Payne, and Corporal Sorge received information from Sergeant Shutt for a training exercise on locating a person that is in the program that has wandered from care.

There is currently a program being developed for at-risk youths under 18 years of age that will be available for little to no cost, for qualifying participants to receive a similar type transmitted to be issued for Children at-risk to wander from their residences due to a cognitive disorder. More information is to be posted as the program is established.