Deputy Dininny and Deputy Stremel on jetskisThe Steuben County Sheriff's Office Navigation Division is comprised of five Deputies who have been trained and certified in marine law enforcement. The Steuben County Sheriff's Office works cooperatively with the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation to receive training and equipment for the safety and enforcement efforts on the navigable waterways of Steuben County. The Steuben County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol Vessels include two motorized patrol boats, two patrol personal watercraft, a fourteen-foot rescue boat, and a Zodiac craft.

The Navigation Division in cooperation with local volunteer firefighters provides an underwater search and rescue team. The Navigation Division works cooperatively with the Yates County Sheriff's Office, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Police, and Keuka Lake Association to continue to improve service, safety, and enforcement on Keuka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes.

The Navigation Division conducts monthly education courses from April to November, certifying hundreds of new boaters every year with the NYS Boater Safety Course. The Navigation Division frequently conducts educational classes in the summer months with clubs, organizations, and children groups, teaching water safety and assisting in special events on our waterways.

To request a member of the Navigation Division to present or instruct at an event, please call the Steuben County Sheriff's Office at 607-622-3901 or 800-724-7777 Remember: Safe enjoyment of our waterways is everyone's responsibility. Always clean your boat before entering a new waterway and always have the proper safety equipment on board for all passengers. Do not operate watercraft when intoxicated or impaired.