Intensified Traffic Patrols & Radar Trailer

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, working through funding provided by the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, provided Intensified Traffic Patrols upon request to the citizens of Steuben County. This program, through the availability of overtime pay for Road Patrol Deputy Sheriffs, allowed the Sheriff of Steuben County to set–up targeted enforcement details in reported high traffic areas where concerns for specific violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law have been reported.  

Radar Speed Trailer and Graph with data regarding impact speed and fatalities, injuries and non-inju

Through this program, the Sheriff’s Office has available a Radar Speed Trailer, which can also be utilized to enforce and monitor speeding concerns in these targeted areas. This mobile unit is economical, effective, highly viable, and energy-efficient as it is powered by solar cells located within the unit itself. The radar trailer sign is designed to display the target vehicle's speed in brightly lit LED lights as well as a full-sized speed limit sign, which the Deputy Sheriff can modify depending upon the designated speed in that target area. The Radar Speed Trailer also has a data collection unit that allows the Sheriff’s Office to collect data and information about driver behavior and create charts for analysis upon request from a local governmental authority.       

If any member of the public wishes to request an Intensified Traffic Patrol or have the Radar Speed Trailer set up in their neighborhood, they are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office anytime at 607-622-3911, email Lieutenant Logsdon or make a request online through the Sheriff’s Office website