Weights & Measures / Consumer Affairs

This Department has a staff of four, comprised of the Director, two Assistants, and a Senior Clerk. The Director is appointed by the County Legislature. 

The Department performs a variety of duties required by State Law. They include: 

  • Verification of all scales and weights used in commercial sales
  • Inspection of pre-packaged commodities for accuracy of weight labels
  • Certification of certain advertising claims
  • Inspection of meters on gasoline and fuel oil pumps and on transports, trucks, and bulk plants to ensure accuracy
  • Examination of truck and trailer compartments calibrated to determine load capacity
  • Verification of devices that measure yard goods
  • Inspection of cylinders and meters against specifications for liquid petroleum gas
  • Calibration of the volume of bulk milk tanks
  • Investigation of consumer complaints regarding questionable weighing or measuring practices
  • Completion of necessary reports to the County Legislature and the State Department of Agriculture and Markets