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ICE - In Case of Emergency - On Your Smartphone

ICE - In Case of Emergeny - Save Your Personal Emergency Contact Number Under ICENaturally, there's an app for that!

  • ICE for Apple iPhone
  • ICE for Android

ICE is an internationally recognized acronym for "In Case of Emergency." Using this simple, three letter code in your smartphone address book next to your spouse, significant other, parent, best friend, or any other emergency "go-to" person's name makes it easy for an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) to quickly find the contact information they need when you're in a crisis.

Using Your Smartphone

Now that almost everyone has a Smartphone and knows, or should know, that it's important to password protect it so sensitive information isn't readily accessible if the phone is lost or stolen and someone with ill intentions has it.

But It's Locked!

But what if your phone is password protected and (heaven forbid) you're in an accident? How will a quick responder get access to this critical information in a hurry if you're incapacitated?

Ah ha! Of course there's an easy solution for this; make this information part of your home screen so that it's the first thing someone opening your phone will see, even when it's locked.