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County Profile

Steuben County contains 34 assessing units comprising 32 towns and 2 cities with a total of 46 elected and appointed assessors. All Villages have ceased to be an assessing unit. The 2013 assessment rolls contained 55,869 parcels of real property. The assessment staff coordinated the levy of more than $189.0 million in real property taxes for town, county, school, village, and city taxes. There are 21 schools and 114 special districts within the County.

All parcels are tax mapped in digital format and maintained using a Geodatabase system. Steuben County contains 901,120 acres of land with about 32,000 acres of unmapped land used for roads and waterways.

Mission Statement

The Real Property Tax Service Agency is designed to function as an educational, advisory and assistance arm of county government, providing a multitude of administrative and technical expertise to local governments, assessing officials and the general public.

Our interests and goals are directed toward developing customer understanding and satisfaction of how New York State Real Property Tax Law is formulated, equitably and uniformly applied and improved upon.

Our activities become paramount to delivering the highest level of professional quality programs available and by establishing the framework within which government is financed in a reasonable and consistent manner.