County's Chief Fiscal Officer

  • Administration of the financial affairs of the County
  • Maintains the County's accounting system
  • Receives, deposits, and safeguards all County funds
  • Cash management and investment
  • Coordinates and processes the biweekly employee payroll
  • Prepares all necessary State and Federal tax and employment filings
  • Health Insurance and employee benefit fiscal administration
  • Processes payments of the County's bills and debt
  • Responsible for accurate and complete fiscal records
  • Financial reporting including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Receives and distributes Mortgage Tax and Sales Tax to local municipalities
  • Court and Trust funds trustee
  • Bail Depository


  • Assists with the preparation of the County Budget
  • Budget management during the fiscal year

Real Property Tax

  • Collection of taxes and maintenance of delinquent tax records
  • Conducts tax searches
  • Tax enforcement
  • Coordinates the County Real Property Tax Auction
  • Processes Real Property Tax Installment Contracts


  • Issues Certificates of Residence for community college students
  • Public Administrator of estates upon the appointment of the Court
  • Administers Hotel Occupancy Tax