Town of Addison Code Enforcement

In 1983 the Town of Addison, by Local Law, opted out of the enforcement of the State of New York Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. Since then Steuben County has contracted with a qualified code enforcement official. Permit fees cover the costs of said Code Enforcement Services and any costs not covered by permit fees are billed to the Town of Addison.

The Code Enforcement Official (CEO) in the Town of Addison on behalf of Steuben County is Marie Myers Shearing, Steuben County Planning Director. You can email Marie Myers Shearing or call 607-664-2266.

To Obtain a Town of Addison Building Permit

  • Step 1. Complete the Addison Building Permit Application (PDF). If you need assistance, contact the CEO.
  • Step 2. Receive Permit Fee Amount and Permit Number from CEO.
  • Step 3. Pay the Permit Fee: You must have a permit number to pay.
    • Option 1 - Pay Online: Select Planning Department, then Addison Building Permit.
    • Option 2 - Pay by Check: Payable to Steuben County Commissioner of Finance and delivered to:
      Steuben County Planning Department
      3 E Pulteney Square
      Bath, NY