Who We Are & What We Do

The Steuben County Planning Department was first established in the 1960s and was re-confirmed in the 2013 Steuben County Charter charged with municipal planning and economic development operations. The Charter also assigns the department the duties of a county planning board. The department currently has one Director, one Senior Planner, and one Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Coordinator. The Planning Director reports to the County Manager, who is the County's Chief Executive Officer.

To foster economic development and municipal planning, the department cooperates with economic development agencies; assists local governments with planning tasks; supports energy development; and works to improve agriculture, housing, public transportation, and the natural environment. We believe programs that improve the quality of life in the county promote economic development and stability.

The department has primary responsibility for all geospatial data maintained by the County. Such data is integral to fulfilling the department's mission and is vital to the functions of county departments.


The Steuben County Planning Department serves to advance the sound, orderly, and sustainable economic and physical development of the County in order to increase prosperity and improve the quality of life for all Steuben County residents.

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