Posting Standards

The following is an excerpt of the information from the Steuben County Addressing Plan to assist you in posting your address.

A. Manner of Posting Address

The owner of the structure to which a number has been assigned shall:

  1. Remove old number from mailbox, structure, etc.
  2. Post the assigned new number in the following locations:
    • On the structure at it's main entrance,
    • On the mailbox assigned to the structure, if mail is delivered to the structure, (see B-3 below),
    • And, if the structure is more than 50 feet from the roadway or not readily visible from the roadway, on a post at the drive entrance (see B-4 below).
  3. Apartment/suite numbers should be posted on the entrance to each particular apartment/suite as outlined in B-1 and B-2 below.
  4. The posting shall be accomplished within 30 days following notification of the address assignment.

B. Address Number Standards

  1. Address numbers/letters applied to structures shall be no less than four inches in height and shall be mounted as close as practicable over the main entrance doorway to the structure.
  2. The numbers shall be standard Arabic numerals (i.e., 1234) and any supplemental letters shall be in block English letters (i.e., ABC). They should be of reflectorized material. They must be of a color that contrasts with the color of the structure; however, it is strongly recommended that they be white reflectorized numbers/letters on a reflectorized green background.
  3. Address numbers shall be placed on the structure's mailbox or mailbox post. These shall be no less than three inches in height and shall be white reflectorized numbers/letters on a contrasting background. If the mailbox is not located at the structure or its driveway, include the roadway name on the mailbox.
  4. Address numbers placed on posts shall be no less than three inches in height (on highways where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour (MPH) or less), four inches or more (on highways where the speed limit is 46 MPH or higher) and shall be Highway Gothic Series white engineer grade reflective. The post shall be made out of metal or wood. The post top shall be five feet above grade and the post shall be installed on the far side of the drive as it is approached from the direction of travel on that side of the roadway. The post shall be three feet from the edge of the brim of the road to insure it is not struck by snowplows or buried in deposits of snow during the winter.
  5. All numbers/letters should be placed either vertically from the top down or horizontally from left to right.